Saturday, May 29, 2010

Become a Precinct Captain!

Peter Cross has the voter registration list. He is hoping people will become Voter Captains, which means that a person will be responsible for getting at least 20 voters to commit to voting YES on June 14. He will mark off who we get to commit, and that way, we will not keep pestering the people who have already committed. To get in touch with Peter regarding becoming a Captain or to let him know who has said they’d vote YES, you can email him at:
or call 978-544-7336.

From Peter:
I'm trying to generate list of 40 "voting captains," each one of whom can contact 20 other people to support the ballot questions. If the math works, we'll have the 800 votes we need to overcome the 600 people who always vote no on such things, with a little extra cushion just in case. So far I have gotten 13 such "captains" to agree, and I have a list of 40 more people to ask, so if 27 of them agree, we'll have the total of 40 that we need. So, I'm going to try to spend some time art the meeting going over the voting list with captains who are present, so we can establish who is on whose list and we don't duplicate. I can do that away from the main meeting if there needs to be discussion of other issues.

Secondly, are you interested in being one of these "captains?" You can start by just talking to people you know. We don't plan to force lists on people. Candy and I are both serving in this capacity. We're trying for 40 names, and we have 24 already. We're just planning to call them once or twice to remind them to vote. Probably the last call will be the night before the election. The idea is not to argue with people who are opposed. It will take too long. We're just trying to get to the polls the people who will support this effort.

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