Monday, May 15, 2006

April 2006 Meeting Notes

Friends of the Orange Public Libraries - Meeting Notes April 3, 2006
1. Review past minutes from February 5, 2006- accepted
2. Treasures Report- $3250.00
3. Committee Reports
a) Gardening-two trees taken down. Need to get manure to spread for a combination vegetable/flower garden, side was seeded by town. Maybe get a stone bench donated. May 18th Millers Rivers garden club/N. Quabbin -- see about.
b) Fundraising- press release written- don't want to conflict with engine show June 24th. Will be June 17th.
c) Planning for the Volunteer Recognition and Open Houses- pins were ordered and certificates will be given. Joanie will PR

4. Beautification Ideas
a) Veterans' Wall possibly removed and stored: plans to move/revamp/ replace with bench: how long? Possibly use left over stone from foundations for bench
b) Painting front doors need to be approved by board/director. Need volunteers. Rice will present to board
5. Website updating: verbal agreement to go ahead
Own Friends site? No
Possible blog?
Motioned for all pertinent info be moved to blog- passed
6. Updated Bylaws: new copies supplied
7. Other
a) Summer Reading Party asked for $500.00 for program presenter, food (ice cream/refreshments) motion accepted
b)Donation Jar- stolen, Friends will replace it: motion accepted
Next meeting is set for June5, 2006, in N. Orange. This meeting adjourned at 8:24PM
Complied by Celia Hastings

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